Ever wonder which Nana character you are most like?

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Which character from NANA are you like the most?

bamf_girl and museneptune

The Rules

  1. You must be a member of this community to be stamped or to rate others, in other words, join the community! (As long as you join you can rate others, no need to wait to be stamped)
  2. Upload the stamps onto your own server, do not direct link!
  3. Bold the questions. (Though I've already bolded them for you in the application.)
  4. Even if you are not stamped yet, as long as you are a member please help rate others.
  5. To show you have read the rules please type "Strawberry Glasses" in the subject line.
  6. Keep everything behind an LJ-cut please.
  7. Try to elaborate as much as possible on your answers, we are rating you based on your personality, not your looks so pictures are not required. (Though you are welcome to share them after you have been sorted.)
  8. If you are not happy with who you are stamped as then you may resubmit your application two weeks later. You must write "REVOTE" in the subjectline.
  9. Try not to push for a certain character, it is very obvious when you do. Try not to use certain buzzwords either.
  10. You will be stamped after receiving ten votes OR after receiving seven unanimous votes of the same character.
  11. NEW!: You must have made votes on five other applications, before your own application may be approved from the queue. This rule is set in place so that people will get their stamps faster. Everyone needs votes to get stamped, no?

When Voting

  1. Remember to bold the name of the character in your vote! (And try to only vote for one character)
  2. Explain why you voted that person for that character, it doesn't need to be a long explanation, even if it's a sentence it is fine.
  3. Please don't be rude or insulting.
Characters who you can be stamped as:

Oosaki Nana
Komatsu Nana (Hachi)
Saotome Junko
Takakura Kyosuke
Endo Shouji
Kawamura Sachiko
Takagi Yasushi (Yasu)
Terashima Nobuo
Okazaki Shinichi
Honjou Ren
Serizawa Reira
Ichinose Takumi
Fujieda Naoki
Shinoda Miu (Myu)
Kousaka Yuri
Uehara Misato (the real one and Nana lookalike)
Tsuzuki Mai (formerly known as Misato, the lolita fangirl of Nana)

The Application

Remember, elaboration is your friend ♥



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